“Hello World,” my first blog

Writer's block a possible sickness of writing a blog
Writer’s block a possible illness of writing a blog

Hello world is my first post on my blog. I tell you, it caught me unawares. I knew it was coming but I didn’t think it was coming that soon. That’s why I concentrated myself reading about how to get started. Oh goodness! I did few clicks, guided by blogpress, thinking it was only a training. Oh, boy, it was for real! Yes it was! The blog was born. It’s like a baby you expected only at the end of at least eight months but at something like 6 months it’s already there. You are on the run for bumpers!  I experienced something like that at the beginning of this blog.

Stale moment of writing a blog

When the blog finally appeared I don’t know where had gone the passion that earlier burned in me all along. It seemed to have gone on vacation in some hideout, abandoning me alone in the maze of new vocabulary of blogging and all the techniques involved. I had never had a black-out like that one. At this moment only one voice remained within me with rare faithfulness, nagging me with a question: but where did you get the stupid idea of starting a blog? I had no answer, though somehow I seemed to be agreeing with the voice –it was a stupid idea. Had it not been for the support I received I would have certainly abandoned the whole thing.

BlogPress my companion

BlogPress had assured me of accompanying me through the process of starting the blog. In fact, it was an entire package on offer, a full-service blog host which included the course on starting a blog, hosting of the blog and accompaniment in all the technicalities. Happily, I got just that. The staff at BlogPress, especially Jennifer and Kelly, are just marvellous! They offered quick responses, clear and simple explanations, and they were ever ready to come-in should I get muddled.

My monument to keep

Given how this first experience marked me I didn’t want to alter Hello World, my first post. Some of you may have opened it and found nothing. Of course, it seems empty of words yet in that emptiness it carries rich experience that marked the beginning my adventure. So, deleting or altering it would be unfair. I chose to conserve this founding experience. Instead I have decided to write separately an article on this experience. In fact, this is what I find interesting about writing, it’s ecological. Nothing goes to waste. Everything is recyclable. From what seems to be going bad you can actually cook something fresh and consumable. Do you know how?

The moment I was experiencing a black out and felt like I had nothing to write, in fact, there was plenty. The moment of emptiness itself can be a source of rich material for writing. All you need is just a little effort to sit down and put into words the anguishing emptiness itself –and there you have plenty to write about. Such testimony can be inspiring to someone else who might be experiencing similar situation.

Go with someone

Aren’t you thinking of starting a blog? I say it’s a beautiful adventure. Go for it! You will grow out of it. I’m growing! Do you care for a piece of advice? In the process of creating your new blog you may need somewhere to lean on. BlogPress has a comfortable chest for a beginner like you and me.

Wishing you good adventure!

From a survivor at singlehumanity blog!







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