A friendly trip to Namur

This morning I took a train from Brussels to Namur. It was a special mission.

In few days’ time, I will say to goodbye to Brussels and move to Namur.  So I said to myself, why not making a little to trip to familiarise myself with the new place! Indeed, it’s also good to go and say hello to the confreres with whom I’m going to live. I guess, they too appreciated the idea of meeting the new guy coming. That’s how I became my own John Baptist –I went to prepare my way.

I appreciated that the confreres were waiting for me. Right away, they offered me what I considered a generous choice. Of course they knew I was staying only for a night, yet, they were already thinking ahead. They had prepared three rooms and left it to me to pick one of my choice. The all three are quite spacious. In fact, it’s the bedroom with the study attached. Perfect for a student! It works for me. I chose one on the second floor, offering a good view of the beautiful, green forest on the escarpment just the opposite side of the road Dinant.

My familiarisation trip was more than just about the room and the confreres. I wanted to have a feel also of the neighbourhood. So in the afternoon I took a good walk along the Meuse. The Meuse River starts in France, crosses Belgium and Holland before pouring its waters into the North Sea. It covers about 925 km. Namur is one of the towns graced by its waters.

The city of Namur is the headquarters of the province of the Namur and it hosts also the parliament of the French-speaking Belgium.

How does this trip work for single humanity? Indeed, any little effort we make to meet others and create a bond of friendship makes us grow in our humanity.

You got some photos there of the trip. I hope you like them. I do.

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