Charlie Hebdo is a disgrace to humanity

When we elevate political systems, like democracy, and human rights, like freedom of expression, to the ranks of gods their prophets share the same platform with terrorists. The recent publication of Charlie Hebdo, see the picture below about the earthquake disaster in Italy, renders it hard for me to see how different it is from terrorists.

Shameful images of Charlie Hebdo

Shameful images by Charlie Hebdo

Nothing can come between a terrorist and his deadly schemes. The French prophet of Freedom of expression seems to be manifesting exactly the same arrogance. What counts is to vent out. As for the content anything passes. I just wonder if freedom of expression means lack of good judgement and common sense.

Champion of humanity or ideology?

This makes me understand the Charlie Hebdo scandal. Yes I call it scandal. Following the terrorist attacks in 2015 in which persons lost lives at Charlie Hebdo “I’m Charlie” was a popular phrase of sympathy. I certainly, sympathised with the victims and their loved ones. However, I never subscribed to “I’m Charlie”. I  just couldn’t see how to reduce myself to an instrument of expression, especially an instrument of expression whose values seemed equivocal.

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In fact, those who lost their lives in that attack remained in the background. It was the freedom of expression that was centre of attraction. If those people who died were mentioned, it was not for what they were but for what they did as acolytes of this Great Prophet of the Liberty of expression. They were instruments of this machine of unclarified values and ill-advised publications. The blood of those martyrs only helped to shoot sales up, thus, more profit for Charlie Hebdo. Besides, Charlie became confirmed in its vocation to express, express and express even moments when it would do well to shut up.

Charlie insults victims of earthquake

No wonder, by its recent behaviour, Charlie Hebdo has been only coherent with its vocation to express without caring a little the impact. When a mother and a father are heartbroken for the loss of their child, when a child is inconsolable for the loss of parents, when spouse is in sobs for the loss of the dear one; all that Charlie Hebdo can find to do is to claim its freedom by publishing those ugly, inhuman images.

From people trapped in the debris of collapsed building Charlie could only imagine layers of lasagna, Italian dish done in the oven while the blood of victims was merely tomato sauce, as simple as that. That gives me some inspiration on fanatics. I see two types. One type is those fanatics who will go their way to shed blood and the other represents those who will not restrain themselves to draw fun out of human misery. War lords, slave masters and colonial masters are known for that. The two types of fanatics complete each other in their cold-heartedness. And they keep me wondering.

Dangerous fanatics at home

Whenever there is a terrorist attack I always ask myself, how does one reconcile oneself with killing another person? It’s a similar question I ask myself vis-à-vis this French symbol of the Liberty of expression: how does it find amusing the human disaster as that we just witnessed in Italy? Would such talented artists allow themselves to do the same were their wife, child or parent trapped between blocks and bars of iron? Would they find it funny? Whatever the response, one thing appears clear to me.

We should watch out against fanatics. They are doing harm to our world. It’s a mistake to turn our vigilance only to the East as if Islamists were the only harmful fanatics. They are actually others present at home, even in our most cherished systems. Not only are they a disgrace, but also a real danger to humanity.

As for our dear Charlie Hebdo if it represents anything for France, I wonder what it contributes to humanity. Perhaps we would be a lot better without it.