Video: Little Zianna laments the shooting of blacks

Zianna Oliphant is afraid. She cries over the shooting of blacks by police. Would you spare some minutes just to listen to this little girl? Here’s a clip you find in social media.

ABC News‎ report of the lament of little Zianna over deaths of blacks

The killing of blacks by police in US is recurring. Sad! It’s sad not because it’s about blacks, but because it’s  human life that is lost. And that causes pain to the beloved ones.

It’s hard to speak about the matter without judging. And it’s easy to cry “racism!” depending on your camp of affiliation. Others will see it differently. It may be not a deliberate choice but rather conditioned by filters that experience and our camp have installed in us almost automatically. Objectivity is at risk.

Consequently, the deaths of blacks shot by police become a coated and filtered talk. That is not new. Naturally every person sees reality through his lenses. And so what we usually call reality may only be our perception. So, it may be futile, as long as each person keeps his filters, to expect same point of view on the same matter.

Nevertheless, even when we keep our filters, perhaps it may be useful, in fact human, to make an effort to place ourselves in the shoes of the other. There we may discover, who knows, our common humanity that suffers in all camps. Consequently, the polemic, the prejudices and the resentment may begin to give place to mutual sympathy. We discover in the other not an enemy but a fellow human person who suffers like me. The attitude may begin to change leading finally to another way of relating.

Sadly, it’s almost impossible to arrive at such mutual sympathy without giving the other person the chance to speak to me, as well as the generosity to welcome what pours out of him. We need to disarm ourselves to let ourselves be touched by the other. Here we discover the strength of a child’s word. It’s simple, innocent, pure and honest. It disarms since it does not threaten. It trickles down to the heart of the one ready to listen.

Would you like to spare some minutes to listen to little Zianna? Just be there and let yourself soak in whatever the little girl offers you. As you do that, I just leave you with the words of Terence: “I am a human being; nothing human can be alien to me.”