Video: Action for Food sovereignty and climate justice

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Are you part of the fist for social  and environmental justice?

Here we are, again, this time around fighting for Hands on the land for food sovereignty and climate justice. This is about protecting the land against those who eye it only for money and think little about the negative impact of their action on local population and on the land.

The fact that land issue keeps coming every now and then, it means, we are confronted with an on-going problem. As for us, we shall never sit down to relax as long as human and environmental abuse continues.

We act in support and in solidarity with local communities to have access to the natural resources for their livelihood. It’s also a way of promoting Eco-friendly methods  of agriculture, thereby countering those commercial practices that damage the land and drive the people more and more into poverty.

Our brothers and sisters all over the globe rightly claim control over their resources. They are right! It’s their right! All we can do is support them so that their right to own land and earn a living from it is respected. That’s the only means of livelihood they have. It’s a different case with the so called investors.

These land and human exploiters will stay in a place as long as there’s something to gain. Once the land is drained, and they can’t make money no more, they move on. They go in search of land to exploit elsewhere. It’s the local people who are hit hard; they themselves are impoverished and their land. It can’t sustain them anymore. Unfortunately, these people don’t have easy opportunity to move and have a place where they can live. They are condemned to do with the land left barren by exploiters.

That’s why in this campaign for Hands on the land for food sovereignty and climate justice, we want to amplify and strengthen the voice of those small scale food producers so that their concerns can be heard and be respected.

Hence we call up on you, and all other people you can bring, to join us in a big shout: Hands on the land for food sovereignty and climate justice. We can attain a big shout by diffusing this campaign as widely as we can.

They say there is strength in unity. Isolated, we are vulnerable and we are likely to give up. But when we act in unison with others we are strong and we can resist the opposing forces. So come and be part of the FIST, a clenched hand, that wields in favour of small scale food producers.

Act for humanity, act for Hands on the land for food sovereignty and climate justice!

We call upon you to amplify the shout by passing on your voice to others. Diffuse! diffuse! And diffuse!

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