Video: Children order you: Stop Bleeding Africa!

Africa is raped. She is bleeding. Stop bleeding her!

What’s happening in Africa, in the guise of investment and development, I lack right words to name it. Africa is raped. She is bleeding. In their cry, children of Africa order whoever has a hand in this violation to stop bleeding Africa.

Today we witness another form of scramble for Africa by the so called investors. In fact, they are only exploiters in the full pejorative sense of the term. They use abusively the resources both human and natural. At the end they congratulate themselves for their efforts, mentioning astounding figures of turnover, with abnormal profits.  Yet, the people who are used like objects in such ill-conceived manner of making money continue to wallow in misery while their land is rendered sterile.

How can we, on our side, reasonably speak of investment when the people and their land are only drained and paralysed? People are pushed deeper in their misery and the land is contaminated. That’s why we shall not get tired of repeating the refrain: stop bleeding Africa!

See how Africa is bleeding

Africa loses massive financial resources, about US$50 billion each year through illicit activities of multinational companies and rich individuals. These resources, if retained in the continent could be invested in productive sectors of these economies to lift Africa’s growing population from under-development and poverty,” read part of the statement sent to newsrooms. According to the High Level Panel’s report, the major perpetrators of IFFs from Africa are multinational companies, especially those operating in Africa’s extractive sector, mostly in oil, gas and mining. Also as a follow up to the public launch of the Campaign, a side event will be held on the margins of the upcoming Financing for Development Conference (FfD3) at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in July. The side event will introduce the Africa IFF campaign, re-emphasize the importance of taking forward the recommendations contained in the Mbeki HLP report, and highlight some of the joint plans that CSOs and other African Institutions have been undertaking to push for the Implementation of the Mbeki HLP report.

A moral responsibility to stop bleeding Africa

In the face of such inhuman and criminal manner of doing business we just can’t sit back. We have the moral responsibility to unite and stand together to tell those plundering the continent, enough of your inhuman acts!

We appeal to such exploiters, for once, if only they can open not only their ears but also their hearts and listen to the voices of children in the background (cf. video). These children are by no means requesting you. They don’t beg you. They order you. “Stop the bleeding” –stop bleeding Africa!  These children are in many ways victims of your greed. And theirs is the cry of wounded Africans and raped continent.

And all friends of humanity add their voices to that of children saying: Stop bleeding Africa! There’s another way of doing business -in a human and responsible way!

(Join us in action for humanity by sharing this awareness campaign with your friends)

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