Thursday, 2nd week Advent: Fear Not!

Since the time of John the Baptist, murdered by Herod for standing against unjust and sinful act, the Kingdom is submitted to violence. Indeed, those who want to live in the Kingdom of truth and justice – they don’t have it easy. They are martyred like John the Baptist in one way or another. with that there’s a danger of abandoning, in fear, what is right and just for the sake of assuring one’s security. This martyrdom may come not only from external forces but also from within us.

We may have created our own securities around certain tendencies to which we hold on firmly and we don’t want to leave them despite the incoherence with our faith. Hence, we don’t to take the risk. We keep the status quo of those tendencies and behaviours that are contrary to the Gospel.  

Isaiah 41: 13–20
Psalm 145: 1, 9–13
Matthew 11: 11–15

The Gospel in today’s word of God is this assurance that comes to confirm us in our faith. No need to give in to fear; God is holding your hand as he did to his people Israel and he’s saying to you – don’t be afraid. I’m your saviour on your side, fear nothing. Keep advancing.

Lord, we present you our fears and let each one of us find joy and peace in your words of assurance that you pronounce to each one of us: -don’t be afraid.

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