Wednesday, 2nd week of Advent: Heavy Loads

Unless you are a weight-lifter, a professional who knows how to benefit from lifting heavy things; you need to be careful with heavy loads so as not to break that sensitive, but one of the cardinal parts of your body -the back born. Just a little wear out it’s the entire body’s capacity to stand and function that is put in peril. 

If we can extend the application of the image of heavy loads, we realise that there are equally heavy loads in our hearts which at times leave us paralysed.

Isaiah 40: 25–31
Psalm 103: 1–4, 8, 10
Matthew 11: 28–30

Today Jesus addresses us a word of hope. Come you, who have loads that crush you. I shall give you better loads which, far from crushing your spirits, will keep you feeling fit.

Yes, Lord, I want to present you the loads of my life that have been weighing heavily on my life. During this Advent period give me the joy of finding in you a companion who not only renders my loads bearable but also contributes to my fitness -my wellbeing.

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