Friday, 2nd Week Advent: Good reasons for Obstinacy

We are waiting the coming of the messiah, God and saviour, as we heard from yesterday’s 1st reading. But are we able to see him in order to perceive and acknowledge his liberating presence among us? Watch out for good reasons which only feed our obstinacy.

The Gospel highlights the obstinacy of the people to welcome God’s messengers. At each moment they seem to have good reasons to justify their refusal. That’s why such obstinate people are compared to children at play: a song of joy is played for them, but they don’t dance. Then, a song of grief, they don’t mourn either. What do they want then? And why such obstinacy?

Isaiah 48: 17–19
Psalm 1: 1–4, 6
Matthew 11: 16–19

To us also this invitation for introspection is given. It’s up to each individual to see for oneself: what are my good reasons that hold me obstinate and prevent me from welcoming God’s messengers who call me to conversion?

Lord, I want to offer you my good reasons which serve to justify my wrong-headedness and refusal to your invitation to the change of heart. Give me the joy of joining the dance of life that you propose to me.

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