Tuesday, 2nd week Advent: Care for the Lost Sheep

Here we meet Jesus who is concerned about what is lost, the image of the Father who goes out to any length to seek out the lost sheep. He demonstrates the heart of the Father who doesn’t leave any one of his children to remain lost.

The lost sheep distances itself from the sheepfold but the shepherd doesn’t just await its return, he’s also the one who takes the initiative to walk towards that lost sheep.

Isaiah 40: 1–11
Psalm 96: 1–3, 10–13
Matthew 18: 12–14

In the mystery of Christmas, that is, the incarnation, we prepare to celebrate God who makes the first step towards us, sinners though we are, in order to seek us out, the lost sheep, right in the misery where sin has landed us.

Lord give us the courage to shout out for help without feeling shame. Let’s this advent be a time when we open ourselves to your help.

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