2nd January, Thursday Before Epiphany: The Messiah Among You

At this moment the question that comes to mind is this: what has become of our Christmas excitement? But John assures us: look, the Messiah is among you.

What has the Messiah changed?

We spent at least three full weeks of Advent as we prepared for Christmas, the coming of the Messiah who’s coming to save us. And the day of Christmas, just remember, the excitement which marked our celebrations! Of Course, we are still in the season of Christmas, nevertheless, the festive ambiance is slowly fading. The saviour has come, but what has really changed in our lives? For some people it may appear as total deception when they must continue to shoulder same worries as before. Is it a failure?

1 Jn 2:22-28
Ps 97
Jn 1:19-28

The Good News

Welcoming the Saviour is not just about the excitement of Christmas celebrations. Here we are talking of who God has become human, one like us and has come, not as visitor, but to live among us. So, we talk of Emmanuel, God-with-us. He’s ever there even when we think he’s absent. And that’s the challenge of John the Baptist to the persons who are looking for the messiah and begin to think he’s the one. He tells them, he’s not the one but the messiah is there: there stands among you one whom you don’t recognise.

Perhaps, the feeling of deception may come not necessarily due to God’s absence but our failure to recognise his presence among us. So, we pray: Lord give us the eyes of faith so that we may recognise your presence among us in the journey of our lives.

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