4th January, Saturday before the Epiphany: What are you looking for?

John the Baptist introduces Jesus to two of his disciples: “Look, here is the Lamb of God!” It’s a kind of epiphany that says a lot about our vocation as well as our response personnel to God who reveals himself to us.

Epiphany, there’s the lamb of God!

Who can miss to appreciate the humility of John! When his popularity seems to be heightening, and everyone begins to suspect that he must be the messiah, not only does he orient the people to Jesus, the lamb of God, but he’s even ready to let go his disciples. Indeed, he decreases so that Jesus increases. In fact, here, like yesterday’s Gospel John continues the role of “arrow” of leading and orienting the people in search of the messiah. It’s a kind of epiphany.

It’s a reminder, thus, of our vocation to inspire and lead others to make this encounter with Jesus. By the role of John the Baptist in the life of his two disciples who begin to follow Jesus, and later that of Andrew who announces to his brother, Simon: we have seen the messiah, just shows the importance of others as foundation in coming to meet Jesus. Yet, one needs to go further than that.

1 Jn 3:7-10
Ps 97
Jn 1:35-42

What are you looking for?

Here, more than what you have heard or the inspiration you got from others, there’s need to mature the relationship into a response that is personal. You express what animates your movement from the inner depth of your being. Hence, it’s no longer a question of what comes from others but what really comes from you based on the epiphany that’s properly your own experience.

The question challenges any adherence to Jesus founded on: I’m catholic because I’m born and bled in a catholic family or the adherence founded on mere obedience to the authority.

Thank you, Lord, for the many ways through which you manifest yourself to me, through other persons and through the events of my life. Give me the grace, however, to be able to grow also in the relationship with you in the manner that is personal, from deep within me.

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