Expectations: What do they do to your Couple?

Needless to say, when you and your partner decide to enter a conjugal relationship as couple, you have expectations. That is, there are things that you want, and those that you don’t want, to see in your relationship. These expectations will shape not only your attitude and your behaviour but will also have an important influence on your relationship. Just check out how your expectations are affecting your couple.

Questions about your couple

What are your feelings about your partner; do you feel loved enough? And if not, can you speak to your partner about how you would like to be loved? Concretely, what is it that is making you doubt your partner’s love for you? Are you considering others to be happier and more loving couples than you are? And is that tempting you to look for more fulfilling love outside your couple? How are you handling that?

Appreciating the significant impact which expectations may have on your relationship, both positive and negative, here we want to consider the way you can channel your expectations to become a motor that induces vitality and enthusiasm into your relationship.

What are expectations?

Expectations are also called anticipation, expectancy or prospects. Hence, expectations are beliefs or hopes about what you await to see. It could be the event which you want to take place or how you would like someone, your partner for instance, to behave.

How expectations affect you

Since expectations shape both your attitude and behaviour, it means, they can, to a certain extent, affect the reality of your life. Expectations will spur you to act in the way that enables you to obtain the results that you desire. You act also not only according to your own expectations but also according to the expectations of the people around you. It means, you too, by your expectations, you influence the behaviour of others. When you wait for someone to act in a certain way, in so doing, you both spur and channel them to act according your planned end.

In this way, we can say, expectations mark out your way. You know what you want and what you don’t want. However, it’s important also to keep in mind that expectations are not reality. They may come true or they may not. So, if you hold unbendingly to your expectations you risk being disappointed, even being hurt. Hence, as you work towards realising your expectations, it’s necessary also to leave some room for a surprise. In other words, be prepared for a disappointment.

Let’s now try to see how expectations can influence relationships, particularly a couple.

Expectations in your couple

There are things that you would like to see, and those that you wouldn’t want see, both in your partner and in your relationship. You want your partner to behave and treat you in a certain way. Once that is fulfilled that will contribute to your satisfaction. On the contrary, that is, in case of unmet expectations, you are likely to be frustrated. That contributes to dissatisfaction in your relationship. Unmet expectations, or unmet needs, can leave you feeling unfulfilled in your relationship.

But, are we saying you should abandon your couple to the whims of your unbridled expectations?

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