Single Humanity Solidarity Corner


Welcome to the launch of Single Humanity solidarity Corner! What is it?

I’m grateful to all of you who take time to visit my blog:, and to read the posts. These posts serve one single purpose: to help us become more aware of the single humanity which we share as our common heritage. Homilies and articles on conjugal relationships are there to inspire, exhort and to encourage the humanity we share. Equally, the few articles that appear also on social justice testify that despite being one in humanity, yet, there are times when we don’t deal fairly with one another. Some of our brothers and sisters in humanity are oppressed, abused or live in misery. I refuse to allow such unfortunate happenings to push me into depression, rather, they encourage me to reflect and to be creative. Indeed, we can do something.


Are you part of the builders of love?

Solidarity page

I’m introducing on this blog a solidarity page. Here we can reach out in terms of donations to the needy brothers and sisters. Just press the button found on top of the left sidebar of the blog, or here below.

As missionary priest, I’m actually working in a catholic Parish: Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa Parish) in Goma, Nord Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo -Africa. With other priests we are confronted everyday with untold miseries. There are those who can’t manage to have something to eat, others live in shelters unfit for human habitation. And others still are ill and yet they can’t access even the basic medical care because they have no money to pay.

What are we doing?

As a parish, through Caritas, we try to help. For example, one Sunday collection in a month is entirely set apart for helping the needy. But given their high numbers, such help is like a drop in an ocean. Yet, seeing certain miserable situations but unable to help can be stressing, if not depressing. But I refuse to bow to depression. I choose to reflect and be creative in the hope of acting in the manner to bring about a positive change in the lives of our brothers and sisters in humanity.

That’s why I introduce this page: Single Humanity Solidarity Corner where we can reach out to others as a way of living out our union and solidarity in our single humanity. Believe me, perhaps you don’t realise, but even as little as a dollar which you donate can make a difference in someone’s life; in fact, as a matter of life and death.

What shall we be doing on this page?

Apart from this introductory page, we shall be presenting here persons and their situations for whom donations shall be solicited. You will find equally the report concerning the donations made, as well as the feedback from the beneficiaries.

It’s time, and indeed let’s rise, to act in favour of our single humanity through this Single Humanity Solidarity Corner!


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