When You Come out of the Covid 19 Confinement

The Covid 19, with its infamous and dark period of confinement, has left unforgettable marks on our history. This is not just about the world out there, but, in different ways, our personal lives too.

However, when you believe in the resurrection you are comforted by the assurance that one day the darkness shall be dispelled and the hope that the sun will shine. It’s your entire life that participates in such new dawn. But that’s not all. You gain also the skill, and the confidence, to deal with a similar experience in the future.



So empowered, by such seemingly crushing experience, you however look to the future with determination. Then, you realise that this period, of confinement, hasn’t been an empty one; it’s been a training in life skills. Ah! Anything can be transformed into some gain, especially for tomorrow.