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Evans K. Chama, Administrator & author of the blog
      Evans K. Chama, M. Afr Administrator & author of the blog

I’m Evans K. Chama, Zambian, and member of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). I’m a former student of Lumen Vitae/Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in Practical Theology. Currently I’m doing a Master’s degree in Family, Couples and Sexuality Studies at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) in Belgium. Before coming to Belgium I worked as missionary in Democratic Republic of Congo, precisely in Kinshasa and Goma.

I enjoy writing! So far I have written two books: We fought wrong fight and A woman like mum. I have also contributed a number of articles to The Southern Cross, a Catholic weekly in South Africa.

I believe in humanity. Every person, given the right conditions, is capable of giving birth to the best of one’s humanity. That is why I consider the fight for social justice as a struggle to create conditions that liberate and allow the human spirit to excel to its heights.

I identify myself with the words of Terence: “I am a human being, and thus nothing human is alien to me.” It is, indeed, human to let oneself be touched by what is happening to another person. That is why promoting  our single humanity is something that naturally belongs to a human person.

I also believe that every tradition, religious or cultural, has a mine of resources to enable a human person to bring out the best of his humanity. That is the single world project that should keep us all busy. And that is exactly my intention in starting this blog: https://singlehumanity.com/. I lay my brick, and I wait for yours, so that together we can build our common humanity.

Yes, this is our space where we can act together in favour of our common humanity. If you have a story, a reflection, a proverb, a testimony or a picture that can encourage others to rise and act in favour of our single humanity, this is the place.

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