Our Mission

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At the service of single humanity our common heritage

Peoples of the world linked in single humanity

Dear my fellow in humanity!

It’s my joy to present to you this new blog, Single Humanity, which has always been my dream. I knew it was coming but I didn’t know exactly when. Finally, it is there and the joy is all mine. Our mission is all about promoting humanity our common heritage in which all human beings are weaved. Please come with me for a bird’s eye-view on the blog.

Mission: We are not consumers but actors of humanity

On this blog, Single Humanity, I must restrain myself from speaking of my blog for it won’t just be correct. This blog is about humanity of which I’m only part of it, like you. And because all of us share single humanity, and we are touched by everything that affects humanity, it means this blog belongs to all of us. So, welcome to our blog!

We are on this blog not just as simple readers but also as actors. The reason is simple. No single human person is a consumer of humanity –we are all actors since every person radiates something human that can enrich others.  This blog is a platform where we can exchange and enrich one another in our common humanity.

Pope Francis calls every person to contribute toward building a world that is more human

Humanity diet

Our single humanity feeds from inexhaustible and diverse cuisines of our religious, cultural and ideological backgrounds. Whatever tradition or background in which we have been brought up, one thing is certain, each person has been sufficiently equipped to be able to radiate the humanity in him. It means it is pretentious for any single tradition to claim the monopoly of humanity. Like you, I have my own background that has educated me to bring out the best of my humanity.

I’m Zambian, African, Christian, Catholic and priest. This is just part of the package that has shaped my humanity, and I’m proud of it. You too, from your background, you carry a big reserve of the expression of humanity.  This blog avails us a table where we can open our dishes and let others savour the rich diversity of humanity. Jews, Christians, adherents of the traditional religions, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other religions all have something to offer on humanity. In short, believers and unbelievers can join hands on this blog to bring out the best they can offer on humanity. So, what can we expect on this blog? 

A thought that uplifts humanity

Do you remember that thought on humanity that jumped on your mind like a popup, the thought that has ever since marked a turning point in your life? Or perhaps you tumbled on a reflection of someone else that you found enriching.  Why are you keeping that treasure for yourself? Here’s a blog that allows you to enrich others. Share your reflexions. 

A gesture of humanity

Life is never short of surprises. There are just plenty of angels of humanity out there! Certainly, some of them must have already crossed your paths. Do you remember that simple smile, that helping hand that reinforced your faith in humanity? Perhaps, you were not the beneficiary but a witness of that gesture of humanity that continues to inspire you. Indeed, it’s marvellous to see a simple but profound act that not only displays humanity at its best but also edifies our own humanity. It’s your turn to edify others by telling that story.

Look inhumanity in the eyes

But our single humanity is not always rosy. We have known pain, shame, anger, revolt… when our common humanity, in ourselves or in others, is cruelly wounded, abused or flouted like the Orlando nightclub killings, the MP Jo Cox’s death  or the on-going Syria’s war, just to cite a few examples.  The violence done to one person is equally done to me since it’s our common humanity that is attacked.  It is undesirable to see but unfortunately it is part of the sad reality of our life. The only way to change our society for better is to begin right where we are instead of seeking refuge in some ideal world of our dream. Let’s have the courage to talk about what does not go well in our society regarding our humanity. Let’s look inhumanity in the eyes, the inhumanity in me and in others. There are plenty of stories. Let’s tell those stories, not with the intention just to parade what is going bad, but rather, in order to find inspiration for actions that favour our single humanity.

Care for our neighbours

Living as if a neighbour never existed can go but only for a short time. Soon or later you learn the hard way that living with I-don’t-care attitude vis-à-vis one’s neighbour is actually suicidal. We live our single humanity in the world with animals, trees, grass, soil…. In short we live with nature; it is part of our life. So, any issue touching ecology is subject matter of this blog.

Humanity in face of new questions

Our human life is not ready-to-wear clothes. Humanity never ceases to amaze us, it is just too rich. And because of that we find ourselves often with more questions than answers. Indeed, we advance not by easy and ready answers, but rather, by the spirit of searching that opens us to new treasures in the changing world. Searching is posing right questions even if we don’t get the answers immediately. Hence, on this blog there will be also the opportunity to debate on different topics but always in the spirit of mutual, thanks to our humanity.

Once again, I welcome you on this blog where we shall encourage one another to bring out the best of our humanity, enriched by our different backgrounds. I believe in humanity! I know you also do! So, let’s stand together and act in favour of our single humanity.