Baptism of the Lord A: Heaven and Earth Embrace!

The Dimanche after Epiphany we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. In what way does this feast to nourish our faith and our hope as Christians? Bible readings Isaiah 42: 1–4, 6–7 Psalm 29: 1–4, 9–10 Acts 10: 34–38 Matthew 3: 13–17 Jesus’s baptism, turning things upside down Seeing Jesus come before him and ask […]

Holy Family A: Boosting our Families Today

Today we celebrate the Holy Family: Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. How can this family inspire our families despite our different realities today? Readings Sirach 3 2–6, 12–14 Psalm 128 1–5 Colossians 3: 12–21 Matthew 2: 13–15, 19–23 Questions that may arise Some people would say, wait a minute! A family of over 2000 years ago, […]