Rise,take up your pallet and walk

Africa rise, take up your pallet and walk is the phrase that punctuated the second synod for Africa. It’s about awakening and encouraging Africa not to waste time mourning its past but rather work for better future. Rise and walk, end of synod At the end of the African Synod II the reaction of the […]

Small Christian Communities off the rail

Small Christian Communities (SCCs) are one way through which the Church is trying to give an African face to Christian life. Although this pastoral initiative is undoubtedly efficient in managing the parish it’s a pity that it is drifting. This is what I refer to as hijacking SCCs.  Let’s see how this happens. What are small Christian Communities? […]

She put in all she had, challenge for church projects

Some years ago, I was talking to a friend who was running a project. When he told me that the money came from local people and business houses of the country I didn’t believe. I was still in the old, traditional school. Money for church projects should come from the West.  Later I saw a […]