One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

The importance of the Eastern churches, and the need to be united with the Roman Catholic Church, is not something just discovered but the very being of the Church. Whatever our steps towards unity, they are but a going back to the beauty of the true image of the Church before made ugly by history. […]

Latin Missionaries among churches of the East

In the efforts to restore unity, the Roman Catholic Church repeatedly expressed its esteem for the religious heritage of East and the need to respect its rites especially by the exhortations of the various popes. The practice however has been different over the history. Latin Missionaries worked to restore unity that for some meant conversion […]

The Byzantine Liturgy of the Melkite Church

The Byzantine Mass consists of three parts: preparation, liturgy of the Catechumens and liturgy of the faithful. Let’s first have a glance at the place of the celebration in the Melkite Catholic Church. The Church is orientated toward the East, divided into three parts. The narthex was usually the place for catechumens from where, through […]