Crossroads: Making Profit out of other Person’s Misery

What we find in Genesis 25:29-34 is hard to believe yet it’s annoyingly truly; Jacob rushes to make profit out of his brother’s misery. Unfortunately, such avarice continues to taint our relationships even today. If we want to relate a little more humanly with others we certainly need to bridle the little Jacob in us. […]

Human sacrifice! Oh, savages are still there!” data-sumo-site-id=”b9b4c9e72055d22e559d86c2c05bdc22a0a7b5f6e6ad7e139888cc70f9e6210e” async=”async”></script> Just the mention of human sacrifice makes me shudder. I wonder how one can reconcile oneself with butchering a fellow human person for sacrifice. It’s just hard to believe how such inhumanity has penetrated and maintained its place even in offices of the modern world. That challenges our illusion about human sacrifice. […]

Video. Tax evasion in Zambia: they steal shamelessly

There’s still illusion about investors in developing countries. The mention of an investor sends some people jumping with joy. They dream of some messiah coming to redeem them. What an error! But when such exploiters fail to prove themselves capable of fulfilling even the minimum, it becomes evident that most of the so called investors […]